Shab E Qadar

Lailat-ul-Qadr is described as the night of power, the night of pardon, which is to agree the sins on which a single act done is better than the deeds done in one thousand month such as reciting the Holy Quran about which the Holy book says, verse 97:3 of HolyQuran:

The Night of Decree is better than a thousand months.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) used to do ibadah (worship) on this night with more loyalty than rest of the months as ALLAH’S Messenger used to exert himself in dedication during the last 10 nights to a greater extent than any other time.

The question looms that what a Muslim must do particularly on this night therefore this article is composed to let the Muslims know about what are the rituals every Muslim must opt and do to search for the mercy and to utilize this night in a appropriate manner.

  1. Observe AItekaf:

We take break from nearly everything in our life to enjoy the real essence of life apart from frantic routine. This Ramadan takes a break for ALLAH Almighty by observing Aitekaf to do maximum dua (supplication) in order to focus on veneration and do ibadah. If this is not feasible then at least take a two days or days off to focus on your ibadah and this will make it easier to stay awake, do Tahajjud namaz, nawafils and recitation of Holy Quran with ease.

  1. Quran Recitation:

This is the night, which is said to be the night when Holy Quran was sent from Loh-eMehfooz on Earth therefore the most suggested deed is to recite Holy Quran as much as you can by understanding the lesson and message written within.

Try to complete the whole Holy Quran if you can so that the return you get in reward is a maximum one.

      3.  Reflect the Meanings of Holy Quran:

Holy Quran is a complete guidance for al and tells each and everything that a person wants to know about. Open the Holy Quran and see what is not there from a small matter to a major one, it imparts direction and also asks us to follow its footsteps because on the occasion of Last Hajj (Jummat ul Widah) Prophet (PBUH) clearly said that Sunnah and this book Holy Quran is the source of forgiveness for you in this world and also hereafter.

      4. Make Up for Your gunah (sins):

All the previous sins will be wiped out for the one who will ask pardon and the one who will evaluate his imaan (faith) in


      5. Offer Taraweeh:

Taraweeh is one of the aspects of Holy Ramadan to honour this Holy month of Ramadan. It is a voluntary namaz, it is one of the suggested deeds of Holy Ramadan. is one of the authorized Hajj and Umrah travel agent based in UK offers a range of Cheapest Umrah Visa  from UK.





Zakaat is major known as charity and it is the most prominent the 3rd pillar of Islam. Providing the needy, poor and being charitable is a noble deed which highlights the superlative in the character of a Muslim. The genuine meaning of “Zakaat” is purity.

Why is the charity so necessary to offer? As the existence of the poor and needy people and the ones, who are starving without even our information, whether they are Muslims or non-Muslims, is huge therefore giving charity reduces the population of such people and presents them with easiness in living their lives. In order to remain the economy moving in a healthy way and purify your wealth, contributing to charity is necessary and it’s also obligation. The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) repeatedly insists on giving charity (Zakaat).

Types of Charity

The extreme types of charity are zakaat, paying zakaat is the obligatory charity and the second one is sadaqah that is the voluntary donation. Zakaat is the charity that is offered in a precise percentage amount from a person’s surplus wealth. This particular amount of zakaat can be given to the needy and poor people. Though, sadaqah can be given in any type of form that involves building a house, masjid, an intelligent advice or a smile.

Acts as a curtain on the Day of Resurrection

Giving charity is a worthy deed which not just serves you in this life but also in the life after death. When the complete shade on the Day of Qayamat will disappear, it will be the shade and shelter given by ALLAH Almighty to those people who used to give charity (zakaat) in their life and cared for the poor and needy.

Acts as shield from bad luck

Offering and giving from your own wealth for charity is an act loved by ALLAH Almighty. All the misfortunes and calamity of the person go away by donating. It is always superior to give. If you are a wealthy person and you have enough money over the expenses, then it is obligatory for you to help the poor and the needy with your money. You help people in their times of need, then ALLAH Almighty will present someone to you in your require time.

If somebody owes you some money and than you decide to show humbleness and kindness and do not get the money back then it is considered as charity. As charity creates a shelter and shade for the person on the Day of Qayamat so does clear a person in debt provides safety.

Islam is a religion which fulfils every need of a disciplined and progressive human society. Through zakaat, ALLAH Almighty gives an opportunity to diminish the greed of money from our hearts and raise the emotion of helping and supporting each other so that humanity would not die. is one of the authorized Hajj and Umrah travel agent based in UK offers a range of Trustful Non Shifting Hajj Packages 2016 from UK.


holy quran

Most of the Muslims wrongly believe that only by keeping and learning to read Holy Quran, they can fulfil their religious responsibilities and duties. The basic theme of The Holy Quran is embedded in recognizing and acting upon its Ayats (verses) in an appropriate manner. How can a person complete its faith by just believing in Islamic lessons and teachings, but using them in the wrong manner? It means that a person has not completely interpreted the meaning of wordings of Quran, e.g. those Muslims who are joining so called Islamic forces like Talibans etc. in the name of Jihad, and who actually kill innocents and acting as tyrants, that only shows that they do not have a complete knowledge of Islam.

Now, talking about Holy Quran, and its life changing Ayats (verses), common belief is that the a person who learns it by heart will enter Jannah (paradise) along with its parents, while the exact meaning of it this Hadith is that the Hafiz (learner) of Holy Quran should act upon its lessons. ALLAH Almighty has blessed Muslims with golden pearls in the form of Holy Quran’s verses, so that we could get enlightenment and guidance from them, and transform our lives according to Islamic teaching in the best way. Following are few of the many messages of the Holy Quran, through which we can seek wisdom and understanding.

  • Avoiding unclear matters

“A little knowledge is hazardous” is a famous expression that compels a person not to indulge in things and acts which it has insufficient understanding of, because sooner or later, the condition would turn dangerous for that person. Islam also forbids Muslims from such issues that are not clear to us. The Gracious ALLAH has warned us about this matter in the verse 17:36 of Holy Quran

“And do not pursue that of which you have no knowledge. Indeed, the hearing, the sight and the heart – about all those [one] will be questioned.”

This is what we must keep in mind before discussing about matters in our Deen (religion), before totally understanding about them. On a general note, we ought to also avoid going towards unsure affairs like Gambling that is prohibited in Islam.

  • Reflecting on one’s existence

The non Muslims, especially, Atheists, who even deny the existence of ALLAH Almighty, they do not think about how we come in to this life. ALLAH clearly says in Holy Quran, verse 20:55

“From the earth, We created you, and into it We will return you, and from it, We will extract you another time.”

Science has also proved that body of human consists of many elements found in the earth soil, and as The Quran says that we are made from earth.

  • Praying for ALLAH’S consistent guidance

No matter how much abilities and knowledge one possesses, there comes a time when things begin to get tougher, and then it looks for someone’s help in this regard. Same applies to Muslim’s life, which believes in ALLAH, but often gets distracted by satanic thoughts. That is the reason why Holy Quran has repeatedly emphasized on looking for The ALLAH Almighty supervision to remain on the correct pathway.

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