Change your attitude

Umrah is a sacred journey for Muslims which can be performed at any time of the year. Muslims desire to perform this journey every year so as to attain the maximum Mercy and intimacy of Allah SWT. But there are few things which need to be reminded while embarking on this spiritual journey. Most important of them is our attitude and way of tolerating things. Therefore, we should try to be more and more tolerant during Umrah.

It is commonly seen that many people have this intimate nature of complaining over minor things. They argue over petty issues. Therefore, we should try not to argue or complain over what we did not get. We should try to be quiet and accepting over everything we get. We can understand it with a very simple example that a King has invited a very poor man in his court and the poor man complains over nothing. Likewise, Allah SWT has invited us the poor beggars in His House and yet we are complaining over things we did not get. Is not it strange that the King of the Kings has invited us and we are showing attitude and thanklessness. We should better stay quiet and be thankfulChange your attitude.jpg.

Moreover, one of the effects of this thanklessness appears in our worship. The more complaining nature we have, the less we will concentrate in our worship. If a person is so much involved in the world around him then how can he expect to concentrate his worship? Our primary purpose is to concentrate our worship and to strengthen our Imaan instead of looking around and noticing what is going on here and there. This is just a waste of time. Imagine that a person has travelled hundreds of miles and when he reaches his destination he begins to complain about his journey rather than achieving his goal. Likewise, we are present at Allah SWT’s house and we have covered so many miles just to reach here and instead of being happy we are complaining.

With the passage of time the journey of Umrah is becoming more easy and feasible for everyone. With greater ease comes greater responsibility, therefore we should do more shukar and show more patience during Umrah. With so many packages such as cheap Umrah packages and Umrah packages 2016, we can now afford to have a comfortable journey. But still we should not forget the primary purpose of this pilgrimage i.e. seeking Allah’s Mercy.


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